Key Stage 1 Primary Projects

Bird Boxes

Year 1 students study ‘Night and Day’ and ‘Mini-beasts’. This can provide an opportunity to look at other wildlife such as birds. This project is often linked to the Bug Tower project and so both projects can happen together. This is a great project for teaching the students to use the saws, bench hooks and Lynks jigs for the first time.


  • 10mm section wood
  • card triangles
  • PVA glue
  • hessian roll
  • corrugated card
  • leaves and twigs


  • Junior hack saws
  • Bench hooks
  • 10mm Lynks corner joiners
  • Glue pots
  • Glue spreader
  • cutting list and construction plan
  • pencil
  • scissors

The Bird Box Project

This is usually an introduction for the students to build a construction in wood, and so requires all the information on health and safety and how and why we use the tools.

The student construct two squares measuring 135 x 135. This is the smallest square that you can make in one go using the four Lynks corner construction jigs. The students cut two lengths 135mm and two lengths 115mm. when these are joined in the corner jigs, with the longer piece placed in first, the students will be able to make a square using all four corner jigs, measuring 135 x 135.

The basic Lynks 10mm jig.
add glue to the card triangle and place it in the jig, glue up.
Place the long stick in first.
Then add glue to the end of the short piece and push that into place.
Put glue on a second card triangle and place over the two the corner.