Key Stage 1 Primary Projects


The truck is a great project for the students to use the joiner jigs to make a simple frame and then turn it into a vehicle that can be powered with an elastic band and a balloon. This links to the science of stored energy, potential energy and good and bad friction

The truck starts with a very simple frame that is made in two L shapes which are the joined to make a rectangle. TechCard is then stuck to each side of the frame to create the axle mounts and the mdf wheels which are pre drilled with 5mm centres are attached to the 5mm wound paper axles.

Use the cutting list to measure the four pieces of 10mm x 10mm wood. Use the junior hack saw and the support of the bench hook to cut the pieces.

Make the two L shapes and allow to dry. Hint by using a strong PVA (not school PVA) and spreading it very thinly the joint will be dry in a matter of 10 mins. The thicker the glue, the longer the drying time.

When dry, carefully peel off the red jigs and then reuse them to join the two L shapes together to form the rectangle.