Key Stage 1 Primary Projects

Bug Tower

Linking to the science topic of mini-beasts the students build a tower which can be ‘planted’ in the school grounds for the mini-beasts to inhabit. Once they have constructed the basic frame, the students can design the outer shell and the insides for the mini-beasts to inhabit.


  • 10mm sq wood
  • Triangle corners
  • C-corners joint
  • Card (old boxes made of corrugated card is ideal)
  • Paper straws (Art straws)


  • Lynks corner jigs
  • Junior hack saws
  • Bench hooks
  • Glue spreaders
  • Glue pots

The Bug Tower Project

This is a great project to introduce the students to the basic tools and the process of building a 3 dimensional structure. With the idea of creating a home for the ‘mini-beasts’ there are many links we can make to environmental studies, such as sustainability and biodegradability and then studying how many beasts take up residence, identifying them and finding out about their lives.

The students begin by making two identical frames, which are the two sides of the tower. Use the cutting list and template for the students to measure and construct the frame.

This shows the final construction and note the legs are made to protrude so they can be used to push into the soil to help the frame stand.
Make two of these frames using the cutting sheet below.
Measure and cut all four pieces from 10mm x 10mm wood.

Once the two frames are complete and dry, remove the red jigs and cut 4 pieces of the wood using the green template size 115mm

You will use these to create the 3D model using the red jigs and special corner triangles.